Lalit Rastogi


Greetings, my name is LalitR, and I am a devoted tarot reader with a strong belief in the power of karma. Having attained both an and L.L.B degree, I have also earned a certification in tarot card reading. However, my journey in this field truly began when I faced some personal family issues during my job. It was then that I sought the guidance of Pandit Radhe Shyam Sharma Ji, who illuminated my path and helped me overcome my struggles. Inspired by his teachings, I left my job to pursue my passion for tarot card reading and have since been practicing it for many years.Over time, I have realized that people often need guidance and support to achieve their goals, and I aim to provide that through my tarot card readings. My readings offer clarity and guidance to those facing life's challenges and confusion, and my remedies are not only easy and effective but also highly accurate. Thanks to the blessings of my guruji, I am now able to help people overcome all kinds of problems, whether it be in their personal or professional life.With a commitment to improving the lives of others, I take pride in providing tailored solutions to all my clients. So if you find yourself in need of guidance or clarity, rest assured that I am here to help you navigate life's journey with ease and confidence.


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